I am not real. I am a cartoon. I am your forgotten imaginary friend.
The vessel I chose resides in Los Angeles, but my brain rots in TVLand.
I say the things you don't want to hear. I make the things you shouldn't see.

Get Close, Not Comfortable.
Stay Rude.

Artist Portrait by Nova Rockafeller
Main Page Gallery Photos by Aurelie Davis and Nova Rockafeller


I spent my youth absorbing the pixelated light spilling from the television set. I would sit in front of the bathroom mirror for hours, making faces and reciting back commercials and cartoons I'd just seen. I was anxious to join their happy shiny world. I still am. I am forever inspired by the brightly colored distractions placed in front of us to forget the horrors of the world. 


If you would like to commission a custom piece please send me a message directly at maxstaar1@gmail.com