I'm tellin y'all it's SABOTAGE

So my friends Nova Rockafeller and Ellie Kovara and I did a thing. It's a really awesome thing, because the Beastie Boys are awesome, and so are we. Duh. Nova sent me a recording she did of the song "SABOTAGE" followed by "want to make a music video?" AND BOY DID I. We spent exactly one week preparing our outfits which all had exact references to our male-counterparts in the original video.

Preparing for this video was bittersweet, as I remembered the first and last time I saw Beastie Boys perform at Bonnaroo 2009. I had ingested many questionable substances and found myself dinosaur-stomping all over the farm screaming along to all the classic songs I'd grown up with. Being able to channel my own MCA closed a hole in my heart that I did not think could heal after his death. This video shoot was insanely fun, even though at one point I ninja kicked so hard that I tumbled forward and into oncoming traffic. Worth it.

Enjoy this shot-for-shot, gender-swapped remake of the Beastie Boys classic "SABOTAGE"


Incubation Celebration

I never really understood babies. I guess if I'm being honest with myself, I'm just jealous they get to shit themselves, have wild mood swings and instead of being committed, everybody swoons over them. It hardly seems fair. I've pissed myself plenty of times in public and all it's gotten me is a bad reputation.

My friends Kirsten and Stephen Bosio make pretty awesome kids. Like, if there was a contest held for squatting out cool mini-humans, the Bosio's would be gold medalists. Kirsten and Stephen are having a baby with a penis, so they decided to throw a party. Baby showers are notoriously boring, but this family is not, so the Bosio's threw "An Incubation Celebration".

Mom-to-be wore an epic latex gown, Dad dressed like a priest, their two daughters dressed as gothic baby-dolls, and guests were encouraged to dress like giant babies. There were burlesque performances, one of which even included a girl cutting an alien baby out of herself to The Cramps- "Let's Get Fucked Up". There was a giant-baby crib which we used as a photobooth. The entire space (AllMost Studio & Gallery, my favorite place in the world) was decorated with vaguely satanic imagery, but the crown jewel of the event was a 6ft tall walk-in vagina, which led to a womb room with "fetal twin jello wrestling"... If you're wondering whether or not I joined in on the wrestling, the answer is yes. I fought six-year-old Naomi... and lost. 

The Bosio's were nice enough to invite me to do some stand up between the amazing burlesque acts. It was so great to do my thing amongst so many amazing people. It was probably one of the easiest gigs I've had to date... it's hard to be nervous when half the audience is in onesie PJ's and the other half are eating vagina cupcakes. 

Anyway, here are some photos to prove that I'm not some weird drugged out liar. I'm sure your baby shower was tasteful and sweet, but this Incubation Celebration was THE SHIT, and I'm sad that I probably will never attend anything like it ever again.


Why Is This Here, MAXSTAAR?

I do a bunch of different things, and I needed a space to put it all. This website will feature:

  1. Artwork - originals and prints for sale
  2. Essays - personal confessions and anecdotes
  3. Videos - sketch/stand up, music videos
  4. Music from RudeTOON Records

Maybe you will think it's all awesome. Maybe you will think it's all shit. It's cool either way. At least I'm keeping myself occupied instead of setting fires...which is all I really want to do anymore.

If this website just simply is not enough, you can follow me everywhere on everything @MAXSTAAR

Stay Rude.